Dog Park FAQ


  1. Who is responsible for the ongoing management of the dog park once established?

We will rely heavily on a strong base of volunteers to maintain and manage the park site, keeping it continually clean and safe. To guide decision-making, a few individual volunteers will act as a leadership committee. The leadership committee will coordinate with (and support) the Claudius Crozet Park, the Crozet Planning Committee and Albemarle County to ensure we have their buy-in at each stage of the dog park planning and the park’s on-going management.

  1. What happens if I make a donation and the dog park never happens?

In the event the dog park never gets created, donations would pass to the Crozet Park, Inc. general fund. Claudius Crozet Park, Inc. is a non-profit organization and the donation is tax deductible. The organization manages and runs the park in the heart of Crozet – our community enjoys the pool and YMCA facility, soccer, baseball, running, events, exercise programs because of the CCP and partners.

  1. When will the dog park be open?

About operating hours — The current plan is to have the dog park open year-round during daylight hours.  The exception is when large events are taking place in the Crozet Park location, e.g., Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival, Music Festival, and Fourth of July (fireworks display).

About initial opening – We are aiming to open the park by late 2014/early 2015. Though we have heard strong expressions of support from CCP and Albemarle County, we still need to develop plans and review them with local leaders. We’re designing the site with help from experts on our organizing committee. The design, donated funds and volunteer skills will also determine the schedule for build-out.

  1. Will the dog park accommodate areas for big dogs and little dogs?

The first phase of the dog park is being planned with one main enclosure with a double gate entry area. If the final dog park boundary is large enough, we will make areas for both big and little dogs. This could be accomplished as a second phase, depending on the direction set by the Albemarle County planning team.

  1. Will bags be provided to pick up dog poop?

Although you can certainly bring your own bags, we expect to have bag dispensers along with a trash receptacle for eliminating waste. We are evaluating whether we also wish to have volunteers drop off plastic grocery bags to use for waste.

  1. Will certain dog breeds be banned from the park?

We are in process of developing a set of rules for the park to enable dogs and their people to be safe and still engage in the exuberant play that only happens off leash (the dogs, that is). We will include proven practices from other dog parks that are based on behavior when possible.

  1. Will there be places to sit at the dog park?

Yes. Our overall plan will include places to sit, including in shaded areas. Our first priority is to open up the park, so our first actions will be to plan and build out fencing. Additional amenities like a water supply, seating and shade, may lag based on avaiilability of funds, volunteers, and the time it takes for us to organize the project work.

  1. Can I drop my dog and my 2-year-old child at the dog park while I swim laps?

No. The dog park requires direct supervision of each dog by an adult. This question is a perfect example of why we will develop a set of rules to ensure park users stay safe. For example, many dog parks don’t allow small children, since lots of our pups would love to chase a squealing, laughing kid; that situation could be scary for some children and we’ll avoid it.

  1. How can I hear more about the plans as they develop, or review the proposed rules?

The best way is to add your email address to our mailing list. We’ll provide periodic updates to that list. We’ll also publish updates on the web site: We would like your feedback at every stage. Please post your comments to the website.

  1. How can I help?

We need funding, organizing help and volunteers to plan, build and maintain the dog park. Please sign up. Note that the organizing team is all-volunteer and receives no financial compensation.  Because we all have day jobs, please forgive delays as we respond to questions or comments.


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