$10,000 Needed to Build Crozet Dog Park

We are now well over the half-way mark for total funds raised to build the Crozet Dog Park!

Welcome to the Crozet Dog Park website. Planning and fundraising is underway to have a dog  park in place by fall of 2015 (clearing of the site has already begun). The Crozet Dog Park is a project of the Claudius Crozet Park, in partnership with Albemarle County Parks & Recreation.

Here’s the latest as of June 8th 2015…

In late 2013 land was identified adjacent to the Claudius Crozet Park suitable for a fenced-in dog park. The 2.0 acre parcel will provide enough buffer so that a finished fenced dog park will be approximately 1.2 acres in size and provide two areas: one for little dogs, one for big dogs.  Several ideas have since been proposed for the  development of the land to include clearing and landscaping (to include keeping all hardwoods for shade), fencing with double-gate entry, tapping into the existing Park water supply, all signage, and picnic tables and benches. The total price tag is $30,000 and to date, $19,795 has been raised. Of this total, $10,000 is a challenge grant from the Starr Hill/Red Light Fund which means we need to match their generous $10K gift. We are working to match this gift by August 31st 2015. 

Learn more about the dog park at:

Check this website for project updates including events, to provide feedback, and to sign-up as a volunteer.

Join the conversation on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/crozetdogpark

1 thought on “$10,000 Needed to Build Crozet Dog Park

  1. Ellen Braun

    I love the idea! I find Crozet to be a wonderful place to live partly because of recreational options — the trail system, the now year-round swimming at the Y, restaurants and coffee shops with friendly atmosphere, all within view of the Blue Ridge.


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